The road to hell, or: Blinded by love

A reverse double 'Tetractys' Love is no less likely to hurt than heal; the road to hell is paved with purest love. Hell's walking a tightrope, blinded by love; one bound to such relationships knows hell. W3 poetry prompt This reverse double 'Tetractys' poem was written for D. Avery's W3 poetry prompt: Write a โ€˜Tetractysโ€™; A… Continue reading The road to hell, or: Blinded by love

God, or: Hell’s denizens

Poetry Partners #87 'Speaking to God', a poem by George Ellington of 'Gaelic Dreams' speak to God, he said to me speakingly sing in prayerful praise: thus honest and whole wholesomely sounding cords that only a reverent voice can calm yet loving attain but this, i said, is my voice voyaging beyond this selfโ€” how… Continue reading God, or: Hell’s denizens