The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 7

Last Shabbat was Shabbat Shuva, which is the Shabbat between Rosh HaShanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), and a member of the community shared a brief drasha (words of Torah) with the kehila (congregation) on Friday evening. To my mind, her question was classic and critical: Which is the holier dayโ€”Yom Kippur or Shabbat? Shabbat is mentioned… Continue reading The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 7

The skepticโ€™s kaddish for the atheist, 6

This morning, in the sleepy predawn, I walked to the synagogue carrying two blueberry pies in a plastic bag... instead of the bag containing my tallit (prayer shawl) and tefilin (phylacteries). Damn. Damn. Damn. * * * Most of the time, my father's sense of humor would annoy me, and I would let him know it. "That's not funny,"… Continue reading The skepticโ€™s kaddish for the atheist, 6