Balagan, or: *Sigh*

My 1st Cadralor In the form of 5 Kimos countless Russian and English children's books; last week's newspaper; a child's fairy robe on the couch nearly to the ceiling, six shelves, volumes of Jewish texts; mementos; tchotchkes; toys; games; clutter including chairs, one-third of the room for the wooden table, strewn with laptop; wires; watch;… Continue reading Balagan, or: *Sigh*

Lazy Friday morning, or: Before Shabbat

I sit and write about the Playmobil toys scattered on the floor; stuffed animals, pillows on the sofa; markers, colored pencils on the table; Disney princess dolls and plastic ponies everywhere; a 3D Disney castle puzzle in front of me, fully constructed; fish in little aquarium, swimming around in all directions; bookshelf, full of books,… Continue reading Lazy Friday morning, or: Before Shabbat

The heartwarming house sale

Home alone For Mama, everything changed dramatically [following Papa's death]. Where would she live? What would she do with the rest of her life? Whom would she do it with? Clearly, she still had to sell her too large house, but then– what?-Me, 'When the rabbi’s wife died', Nov. 27th, 2020 Following my Papa's death ~2.5 years ago,… Continue reading The heartwarming house sale