Härfågel, or: Hoopoe

‘War Poetry’ – a d’Verse poetics prompt OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! your haunting calls, dire warnings ere impending falls, unheeding ape-men charging tall, ignoring farsighted soarings OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! you've studied death, counted those countless muddied breaths, swooping, swiping with bloodied sneath, men's legions life-and-limbless OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! this hallowed Land, sought endlessly… Continue reading Härfågel, or: Hoopoe

Eagle, or: Hoopoe

A haibun My response to d'Verse's prompt for Haibun Monday: 'Eagle' As an adult, I left the United States of America. but the United States of America never left me. I have a graduate degree in US public policy; and I lived and worked in Washington, DC for three years. To this day, I continue… Continue reading Eagle, or: Hoopoe