The forest, or: The trees

Poetry Partners #142 'From my inner child', a poem by Maria Pavlova of 'Maria's Poetry' While many ‘Stand with Ukraine’ Or hate the Russian invaders My heart is in beautiful northern forests The place where my child’s feet stepped Feeling connection to the Earth Knowing even then that I am an inseparable part of the… Continue reading The forest, or: The trees

Once upon, or: Carnival

Poetry Partners #99 A series of senryū by Eugenia of 'Eugi's Causerie' dreams faded and torn emotions worsen with time shades of la-la land the moon is still dark not wanting to face conflict lullabies disturbed spirits without fear rise up above wickedness til the end of time Eugi's Causerie: A series of tanka… Continue reading Once upon, or: Carnival

Not the word for clothing

Liss had only been taught a smattering of vernacular terms in Daidanese, enabling Master's servants to attend to her most basic needs. He'd taught her the essentials: bathroom, hungry, cold, hot… but not the word for clothing, of course. That was entirely his prerogative. Her luxurious chambers had been designed and created by the Kingdom's… Continue reading Not the word for clothing

Familiar, or: Family man

A kerf "I'd be more useful dead." "At least they'd get the money." "Hell, at least I would finally be free." "Mouths at home would get fed." "So sad, it's almost funny." "My children? Nah, they have no need for me." "Construction doesn't pay." "Ain't no help for a brother." "There's only one way out… Continue reading Familiar, or: Family man