Inspirit, or: In spirit

Poetry Partners #138 'Old Houses', a poem by Sherry Lens of 'Sherry'sLens Photography' Doors and windows, Gates and Gables Luring me in with their untold fables Shadows on stairwells, echoing walls Hinting of stories yet to be told Remnants of footprints, ghostly remains Distant reminders of those who have came Standing in mystery in need… Continue reading Inspirit, or: In spirit

Truth, or: Dare

A free verse poem No choice, he figured. No bullets but the one in his leg. No windows, no noise, no smoke. No way of knowing, but he wouldn't survive outside in the snow. "Hey! Anybody in there? Hello? I need shelter! Anybody there?" No response. As he pain- fully limped his way a- round… Continue reading Truth, or: Dare

The heartwarming house sale

Home alone For Mama, everything changed dramatically [following Papa's death]. Where would she live? What would she do with the rest of her life? Whom would she do it with? Clearly, she still had to sell her too large house, but thenโ€“ what?-Me, 'When the rabbiโ€™s wife died', Nov. 27th, 2020 Following my Papa's death ~2.5 years ago,… Continue reading The heartwarming house sale