Tropical rainforest, or: Flowerpot

A Choka slow drip of water as though from tropical leaves where jasmines blossom moisture seeps into the soil roots slowly absorb no pooling at the bottom of the flowerpot watering orchids with ice helps them to grow strong heads off overwatering mimics their natural home Choka? The most intricate Japanese Poetry form is the… Continue reading Tropical rainforest, or: Flowerpot

Resplendent sparkles, or: Broken asphalt

A haibun As a teenager, I would make the rounds with my snow shovel after heavy snowfalls in suburban New Jersey, offering my not at all highly esteemed driveway shoveling services. By my standards, the money was great. I always looked forward to winter. Then, in college, I encountered Cleveland, Ohio winters, which can be… Continue reading Resplendent sparkles, or: Broken asphalt