Lenses, or: Contact

A dribble Poems don't count. People do. Words; syllables; letters aren't you ~ only windows to look through. Stained glass distorts truth. The dribble The dribble is a brief poem consisting of exactly 100 letters (not 100 characters—spaces and punctuation are not counted). The name of the dribble is derived from the micro-fiction form known… Continue reading Lenses, or: Contact

Universal, or: Particular

My 2nd dribble EPIGRAPH: You won't burn in hell. But be nice anyway.-Ricky Gervais (b. 1961) despite my circumcision I came to the decision to reject senseless division with the one provision that others are nice The dribble The dribble is a brief poem consisting of exactly 100 letters (not 100 characters—spaces and punctuation are… Continue reading Universal, or: Particular

Languages, or: Identities

A tricube best viewed on blog (not WP reader) I am most empowered in English. Считаю что русский тоже мой. | | | I feel that Russian is also mine. עברית, היא שייכת לעמי. | | | Hebrew, she belongs to my people. Tricube rules: Each line contains three syllables.Each stanza contains three lines.Each poem… Continue reading Languages, or: Identities

Mare, or: Reflection

I wade in; I float near Not myself- who's that there? Can't be me; won't free me Else, I'd drift out to see No windows- no wind blows Stale thoughts heave in death throes This place's strange faces Fill the spaces tightly Swift pacing, mind racing Dreams fleeted yet chasing Depleted, now seated, Truth meted… Continue reading Mare, or: Reflection

Precious, or: Born again human

Sevenling (I am gifting) I am gifting her with an incredible fluency in English, which will open countless doors for her; the open-mindedness to brave the complexity of truth; and my undying love to ground her. Every day, she continues to gift me her endless, adoring love, which I live for; a purpose in this… Continue reading Precious, or: Born again human

Something that has to be played with…

Identity for me is something that has to be played with and explored, and not become complacent about or uninterested in.-Mika (b. 1983) Identity is an assemblage of constellations.-Anna Deavere Smith (b. 1950) The most important thing for me as an artist is having an identity.-Eric Church (b. 1977) Unless we base our sense of… Continue reading Something that has to be played with…