REBLOG: ‘Sleep Writing’ by Yassy Khan

Poem: Poems whisper to me as I prepare for bed Like a lullaby I hear them in my head I fall asleep holding my notebook tight Clutch my pen feeling the ink glowing bright I dream I am writing in my slumber But when awake I canโ€™t remember To capture elusive words that run asunder… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Sleep Writing’ by Yassy Khan

Wax on, or: Wax off

Blank verse in iambic pentameter Laziness; can't blame it on craziness - that's much too sexy, and I've yet to cut even one ear off. This constant stare-off with my own reflection on poetry websites; impressions in fast succession, forming ideas, framing works, foraging for scraps of ambrosia and digging down for diggities. Oh ~… Continue reading Wax on, or: Wax off

Swiftly across steppes, or: Wistful glance at sunset

Traditional Mongolian Meter Steed gallops swiftly across steppes Steered smoothly by steely Mongol Steel stirrups steady deadly shots Steals last, wistful glance at sunset d'Verse prompt: Traditional Mongolian Meter At d'Verse, poets were encouraged to try their hands at 'Traditional Mongolian Meter', which is: written in any number of quatrains. syllabic, usually 7 to 8… Continue reading Swiftly across steppes, or: Wistful glance at sunset

Bukowski, or: Runoff

The next line is the worst garbage He snorts this Curse nursing it for the worse as Synapses across lobes stretch for one Another crackling in the charge Of words; bursting thoughts Powder trail across dots As shot through two barrels He's being held Over one bound by metal heaving Retching Wretched bromide He snorts… Continue reading Bukowski, or: Runoff

Freezing torrents, or: Love’s bud

A Shadorma By deep frost, freezing torrents of passion tear at her heart, its chambers shielding love's bud blossoming outwards. Blossoming, its roots grip fiercely at rebirthed passion, as freezing despairs grab at them by dint of dark will. d'Verse prompt: Vertical lines of kisses At d'Verse, poets were encouraged to select one the following… Continue reading Freezing torrents, or: Love’s bud

Jerusalem, or: Haifa

I cheated on Jerusalem with Haifa of the free; free; free of strife, of tension, not to mention: of hostility; Floating in Haifa, 'pon the sea, squinting at the sun, one with wave breaks, done playing brave; beaming, having fun; I cheated on Jerusalem with Haifa for a time, time, time; heart charting its smooth… Continue reading Jerusalem, or: Haifa

Two horses, or: Nightmares

Poetry Partners #111 'Am I dreaming?', a poem by Benjamin Nambu of 'Wealthy and ambitious entrepeneurs network' Two horses charge through a misty forest unto a dusty road As if pursued by an invisible being As if racing to the end of the world Reminds me of something I could no longer remember Like a… Continue reading Two horses, or: Nightmares

Of primal drive, or: Law from above

Poetry Partners #109 A poem by Michaรซl of 'Daily Poetry' By what other name do we know love, it's the warmth we receive the lost souls we retrieve. But closer than affection, we don't seem to come to describe that powerful feeling. It's mother's protection, a place to call home, peeling layers off will not… Continue reading Of primal drive, or: Law from above