Hardly aware, or: Certainly unclear

A sijo each ever spirals through substantial, intangible changes hardly aware, certainly unclear as cycles snap and twist coil together, one into the next resisting gravity 'Ronovan Writes' poetry challenge Sijo Wednesday #8 Ronovan encourages poets to write sijos that include the words 'rebirth' or 'change' today. Sijo? A Korean verse form related to haiku and tanka and comprised… Continue reading Hardly aware, or: Certainly unclear

Lady, or: Machine

Flying across men's endless rails, whistling adrenaline Churning axles hissing past so many a longing gentleman Chasing what she's never had; rims gripping faithful track Each disembarking lover spurned; ne'er thought of turning back She, ever forward, leaves 'em gasping in billows of sultry steam Thick diesel firing through the veins of lady turned machine… Continue reading Lady, or: Machine

Deep scars, or: From deep within

Poetry Partners #58 'Deep Scars', a Pantoum by Reena Saxena of 'Reena Saxena' the yellow liquid boiling inside me it's made of many repressed blues red rage that despised me boils inside the pungent brew it's made of many repressed blues blood stains and a purple scar boils inside the pungent brew a remnant of… Continue reading Deep scars, or: From deep within

Seven pairs of eyes

The evil queen, certain the dwarves were away, mining on the other side of the mountain, passed the towering woodpile on her way to the door. Seven pairs of eyes watched from behind the logs, flummoxed that she would be so brazen. Photography by Kristine Wayman This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:… Continue reading Seven pairs of eyes

Could you water the roses for me

The weathered old man sauntered slowly, painfully, as the kitten peered through the cracked window. He pushed open the rickety door, approaching the creature with a wry grin. "I'm dying, Sparky; I can tell... So goes the last human!" ... "I wonderโ€ฆ Could you water the roses after I'm gone, little friend?" Photo by Josephine This… Continue reading Could you water the roses for me

This barn will have to do

Father McClatchy! The clock is turning widdershins! What? Already? Damn it! We won't reach the church in time, Brother. There's nothing for it but to set our seal here; this barn will have to do. Quickly - set the blessed wisteria candle on that crate and light the wick! I'll paint the runes! Yes, Father!… Continue reading This barn will have to do

Oh me! or: Oh my!

A nonsense limerick A particularly glun binnabur school boy had to durp prillowets as a pool boy. At work, he zezzed a vullowy woman who begged of him, 'Please, fritt my flumin!' Of course, HE claims he buppered her nalloy! d'Verse prompt: Narrative Nonsense At d'Verse, poets were prompted to write nonsense poems, while keeping the… Continue reading Oh me! or: Oh my!