REBLOG: ‘Wednesday Walk’ by M. Jay Dixit

Poem: I walk streets of Bhopal, a child Smiles at me, right at me and waves. So innocent and orange, wild Colors of spring sunset, pile up in crazy patterns and waves. I walk streets of Bhopal, a child. An electric scooty passes me, very quiet- -ly the Moon greets the Sun, she waves So… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Wednesday Walk’ by M. Jay Dixit

Catadupe, or: Cata doxa

Poetry Partners #15 A haiku series by Veera of 'The Forgers of Fantasy' Monsoon storms raging, Lightning lighting up the sky, Clouds dancing with joy Heavy rain pouring, Puddles reflecting dull grey, Beauty of nature. Frogs leaping around, Snails blissfully slithering, Rain bringing delight Patter concluding, Vivid rainbow visible, Coloring the black. Veera: A… Continue reading Catadupe, or: Cata doxa