A new Israeli government?

Living through history If you've been following the news coming out of Israel, you may be aware that our State may be at the cusp of a new governing coalition; and -for the first time since 2009- Benjamin Netanyahu may no longer be prime minister. The politics are incredibly complex, and I simply cannot due… Continue reading A new Israeli government?


I cannot just write for myself It's a conundrum. I love to write, but, somehow, I consistently seem to lack the motivation to write exclusively for myself. My Mama (and Papa too - when he was alive) is an incredibly private person. As a girl, she kept a diary for herself, but she would never,… Continue reading Omphaloskepsis

Prime, or: Crime Minister

My 1st verso-rhyme My pen's not for intrigue ~but~ I'm fuming at our Prime Minister's great arrogance; insane power complex all-consuming; ugly machinations; and grievance dance! P.S. The political insanity that Israel has been embroiled in for the past two years (four elections have been held during that time period!) is primarily Prime Minister Netanyahu's… Continue reading Prime, or: Crime Minister

Netanyahu, or: Not

My first Clogyrnach Once again, we head to the polls; Each pol drags the rest through the coals; Our PM’s on trial; Likud’s in de Nile; We taste bile In our souls This is our fourth(!) vote in two years, Not that our top leadership cares; Clinging to power, While voters here sour And glower… Continue reading Netanyahu, or: Not

Received: 2nd COVID-19 vaccine shot

... and I feel fine It has been more than a week since my wife and I received our 2nd vaccination shots against COVID-19, and we are both in good health and feel well (I am 41-years-old, and she is 36-years-old). After both our 1st and 2nd vaccination shots, our arms were sore at the… Continue reading Received: 2nd COVID-19 vaccine shot

A fishy lockdown

Last night and the night before I wanted to take some time to write, but I ended up falling asleep while putting my daughter to bed each time. For me, perhaps the most frustrating thing about Israel's current (2nd) pandemic-related lockdown is the diminished amount of time and space that I am left with for… Continue reading A fishy lockdown

Speak to me in Arabic

I published this approximately 2½ years ago on the Times of Israel February 20, 2018 This week, I am beginning my fourth semester of spoken Arabic at the Polis Institute. In truth, I should be working to improve my Hebrew. I can get by on the street, and I'm always able to compensate with some… Continue reading Speak to me in Arabic