Humble homes, or: Holy Temple

A haibun Since beginning my journey towards living a traditionally observant Jewish life more than two decades ago, I've become very sensitive to the moon's phases, for Jewish holidays are celebrated according to their Hebrew calendar dates; and every new moon marks the start of a Hebrew month. We have three Jewish pilgrimage festivals, during… Continue reading Humble homes, or: Holy Temple

Empowered Judaism – the opportunity

Why "redemptive"? My wife tells me that I should calm down regarding the school that our daughter will be attending next year. I'm trying to, but I won't be able to get this out of my system unless I hash out my thoughts in writing. This isn't easy for me to write about succinctly because… Continue reading Empowered Judaism – the opportunity

Brothers, or: Druthers

My 1st Goliardic verse Shul* was once family; wherein all Jews were brothers Rending hearts before God, He, One; there were no others; We've maintained sense of kin, of siblings, fathers, mothers, Still, communities waned, per most Jews' private druthers * shul = synagogue in Yiddish FYI: Festival of Shavuot (Pentecost) The Jewish festival of… Continue reading Brothers, or: Druthers

Milk, or: Cream

My 1st pantun This form has been referred to as a riddle. Steaming earthy buckwheat soaked in milk Borscht and pierogi topped with sour cream Wells bored in hot golden sun-soaked silk Southernmost sanctuary on seam Beer Sheva Beer Sheva, Israel is the city my mother's parents moved to after leaving the USSR in '74,… Continue reading Milk, or: Cream

Härfågel, or: Hoopoe

‘War Poetry’ – a d’Verse poetics prompt OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! your haunting calls, dire warnings ere impending falls, unheeding ape-men charging tall, ignoring farsighted soarings OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! you've studied death, counted those countless muddied breaths, swooping, swiping with bloodied sneath, men's legions life-and-limbless OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! OOOP! this hallowed Land, sought endlessly… Continue reading Härfågel, or: Hoopoe

Wherefore ‘ben Alexander’?

Some basics of Jewish names Most Jewish people have Jewish names, which they use in religious contexts, although they do not necessarily go by them in public. Some Jewish names like mine (David) are universal enough, but others do not roll off the gentile tongue so easily. Jewish names are typically of Jewish languages: primarily… Continue reading Wherefore ‘ben Alexander’?

Holiday thoughts: Jewish v. Not

Chanukah ended, and though I haven't written a word about it yet, I have been mulling something over quite a bit. Traditionally, there's a song that Jews sing after reciting the blessings and lighting the candles of the chanukiah 🕎. This song is called Ma'oz Tzur ("Strong Rock"), and there exists a popular, non-literal English… Continue reading Holiday thoughts: Jewish v. Not

Watch, or: Don’t

It is my Papa's watch Now it is not his watch I did not use to wear a watch And now again I wear no watch But I did Chronos notches Aion's Endless hours and minutes Did his scythe cut Kairos down? Blind hands feel for Fate's flinty face To finitude they're now attuned Though… Continue reading Watch, or: Don’t