The Sabbath, or: Shabbat

A palinode to: 'Shabbat, or: The Sabbath' Fuck that noise; Sabbath law annoys girls and boys who want toys; They're denied their simple joys; Onus ~ faith destroys d'Verse prompt: Write a palinode A palinode or palinody is an ode or song that retracts or recants a view or sentiment to what the poet wrote in… Continue reading The Sabbath, or: Shabbat

The old rabbi, or: The apikoros

A dorky Jewish limerick When an apikoros broke Shabbat, The old rabbi just sighed, "Oy, mein Gott! If you think it's alright To switch on the light... Well... it would seem I forgot the crock-pot!" A quick explanation There are many religious restrictions associated with Shabbat (the Sabbath) in traditional Judaism, including not using electricity… Continue reading The old rabbi, or: The apikoros

Shabbat, or: The Sabbath

My 2nd Shadorma She draws me; Jews' age-old decree; Through her we are set free for our holy day weekly ~ we simply can be I was recently exposed to the shadorma form of poetry by Kerfe and Lauren. As always, I had to give it a go... this is definitely one of those short… Continue reading Shabbat, or: The Sabbath

Delicious, or: Unkosher

Sevenling (I drank) A d'Verse quadrille I drank an expensive bottle of red wine from Moldova. It was subtle; smooth; unkosher. Kosher wines must be produced exclusively by Sabbath-observant Jews; open bottles are rendered unkosher if even touched by gentiles; this feels to me like racism. Such delicious wine. d'Verse The above sevenling is my… Continue reading Delicious, or: Unkosher

Leavened bread, or: Technology

On Jewish holidays I must draft poetry in my head For lack of laptop, I dare trust my memory instead This Passover, I did not just hanker for leavened bread Still, all last night, I long discussed the Exodus instead... And now I type, ere neurons rust, and soon I'm off to bed!

I don’t blog on Shabbas (the Sabbath)

Worth watching: The Big Lebowski Recently, I've been watching a lot of movies online, which I haven't seen for many years. It amazes me how little I remember of them; in many cases, it's as though I'm watching these flicks for the first time all over again. Among them has been a popular cult classic,… Continue reading I don’t blog on Shabbas (the Sabbath)

Jewish and normal

I had an unexpected flash of insight the other day regarding the following themes: My Jewish identityLiving in IsraelBlogging on WordPress My Jewish identity While I only encountered Orthodox Judaism and gradually began to adopt a religious lifestyle in college, I have always strongly identified as a Jew. If I were to sort the many… Continue reading Jewish and normal