Jewish pride (BLP Kosher)

I don't listen to much rap music these days, but my brother recently turned me on to a young, up-and-coming Jewish rapper from Florida who calls himself BLP Kosher. (The above image is a screen shot from one of his music videos on YouTube.) Before going any further, let me say that if you are… Continue reading Jewish pride (BLP Kosher)

Budapest, or: Down on the river

A haibun blown dandelions coins tossed in drizzled fountains wishes for more time Today, we walked through the streets of the Jewish Quarter in Budapest and took a tour of the Dohรกny Street Synagogue (the largest synagogue in Europe) and adjacent, very tastefully constructed Raoul Wallenberg Holocaust Memorial Park before visiting the much smaller Kazinczy… Continue reading Budapest, or: Down on the river

Slavery, or: Freedom

A poem written in Murisopsis' new nonce poetic form: "Running Repetition" Our Jewish vacation: Lying in bed, prostrate, Wishing to hibernate, To let go of life's weight; Instead, we must prepare- Pull out special dishware... Passover's - so much work! Yes, all the Jews were slaves- Thus: days of 'freedom'? Eight... Now... merely... to locate… Continue reading Slavery, or: Freedom

Etrog, or: Citrus medica

A 'Symetrelle' aurous citrus medica how black-robed religious jews inspect you, seeking specimens most perfect scent of autumnal festival of booths, you captivate my eyes with your lemony hue; you impossible, fragrant jewel, it's you who enlivens lifeworn mortal soul anew it's wondrous to me in all respects how you senses to our depths connect… Continue reading Etrog, or: Citrus medica

Sage, or: Wisdom

A Sijo in the early Passover light I awaken in a mist, softly resting on silky sage, fluttering ephemeral wings free to stay or fly away salved by generations' wisdoms Sijo? A Korean verse form related to haiku and tanka and comprised of three lines of 14-16 syllables each, for a total of 44-46 syllables. Each line contains a… Continue reading Sage, or: Wisdom

Antisemitism, or: Jew hatred

A poem written in Michael โ€œMouseโ€ Murdoch's new nonce poetic form: "The Tail" Some- Times I Pop Rhymes A- Bout Jews Like Me Some- Times I Have To Shout When I Hear Stop Don't Talk A- Bout It Be- Cause It Was Long A- Go But No It Was Last Year You Hear? Of All… Continue reading Antisemitism, or: Jew hatred

Mezuzah, or: The doorposts of thy house

A Shadorma I recall the scribe's quill pressing into me; marking me with holy Torah verses- ancient passages I recall being left to dry; then rolled up; plastic wrapped; inserted into a case; taken to my home I recall being affixed to the doorpost; to observe all the comings and goings of my family I… Continue reading Mezuzah, or: The doorposts of thy house

Shattered, or: Built anew

A 'Garland' Shadorma I've returned from imposed exile that my child may belong that she never need reclaim a lost legacy even as freedom's native son belonging eludes me pulled between societies nearly stretched to shreds homeland-born never asked to be raised away far, so far, from grandparents, aunts, cousins from my truest self the… Continue reading Shattered, or: Built anew