Beaver, or: Clam

A limerick Babs Beaver was happy as a clam; Her new style was bedazzled and glam. Beau gave a happy nod But found the fad rather odd, Staring long at her trim, sequined dam. d'Verse poetics prompt: Animal architecture At d'Verse, poets are prompted to write poems about animals that construct their own homes. Twiglets… Continue reading Beaver, or: Clam

Beauty, or: The Beast

A Limerick Squabble broke out between Beast and Beauty; Much insulted, he thought her quite snooty, As at a sumptuous feast, She'd claimed he(!) was the beast, But 'twas not he with that small, bony booty! W3 poetry prompt This poem was written for Aishwarya's W3 poetry prompt, which is to write a beauty-themed poem… Continue reading Beauty, or: The Beast

Smugness, or: Conceit

A limerick In your mind, watch me planting this seed That crowds out your thoughts like a weed; Now ask- Does he not regret What his off-rhymes beget? I just smirk... savoring this conceit. d'Verse poetics prompt: Weeds rule, OK? At d'Verse we were prompted to write weed-themed poems for 'Weed Appreciation Day', which falls… Continue reading Smugness, or: Conceit

Spit up, or: Swallow

A limerick You'll have big shoes to fill, big sis said, Coaching him for toddler years ahead; Be sure to spit up mashed peas With each burp, cough, and sneeze... But- he forgot, swallowed, and cooed instead! What do you see prompt? (#WDYS) This limerick is my response to Sadje’s WDYS prompt this week, which… Continue reading Spit up, or: Swallow

Montezuma’s revenge, or: The Aztec two-step

A limerick Costive, Sue plucked some special blue 'shrooms; And though cringing at the caustic fumes- She popped one in her mouth... But this swiftly went south, For, for hours, she's been in her bathroom! Photo credit:Greg Nunes (Unsplash) What do you see prompt? (#WDYS) This limerick is my response to Sadje's WDYS prompt this… Continue reading Montezuma’s revenge, or: The Aztec two-step

Nat’l Bad Poetry Day, or: Bashō’s Ballad of Smelly Whey

A limerick In honor of National Bad Poetry Day (August 18th) Bashō tried his hand at one Western ballad, Though the sheer effort left him quite pallid. Writing out complex plot Left him tied up in knots, Stomach churning at his chunky word salad. A thank you A great thank you goes out to Britta,… Continue reading Nat’l Bad Poetry Day, or: Bashō’s Ballad of Smelly Whey

Guess who! or: Little hands

A limerick She, giggling, covered Granny's eyes. "Guess who! Guess who! Surprise, surprise!" Granny gave a teensy jump; "Hmmm... Little hands... President Trump?" How both whooped with mirth undisguised! ‘What do you see’ Prompt #141 For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offered the photo below as inspiration for writers to produce art. Image credit:Andrea Piacquad @… Continue reading Guess who! or: Little hands