Blogging without barriers

My undergraduate degree is in engineering, but, as I've written before, it was a mistake for me to pursue that path because my strengths have never been in the sciences, nor in mathematics. I should have listened to Papa at the age of eighteen when I was applying to universities; I should have pursued a… Continue reading Blogging without barriers

Seven, or: Less

seven playful words celebrating syllables poetry party six participants disappointedly watching companion's exit five merrymakers syllabify together harmoniously (un)expectedly remaining quadrumvirate inebriated deliberately intercommunicative trilateralism The above series of senryūs was inspired by this quote by Khalil Gibran: We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words. d'Verse 'Open Link… Continue reading Seven, or: Less

Loose peoples, or: One tightly knit?

My 1st 'blues stanza' Oh, Hebrew has long been our people's tongue Holy tongue, it's always been our ancient tongue That few know today for we're so far-flung Most Jews have seen it only in prayer books Though most don't ever open up prayer books How many give the Torah even single looks? Diaspora Jews… Continue reading Loose peoples, or: One tightly knit?

The old rabbi, or: The apikoros

A dorky Jewish limerick When an apikoros broke Shabbat, The old rabbi just sighed, "Oy, mein Gott! If you think it's alright To switch on the light... Well... it would seem I forgot the crock-pot!" A quick explanation There are many religious restrictions associated with Shabbat (the Sabbath) in traditional Judaism, including not using electricity… Continue reading The old rabbi, or: The apikoros