Out with the old, or: A dog’s life

A sad limerick Ever since the day Baby was born, Ol' Doggy was left feeling forlorn; So, he packed his fave snacks; Slung pack over his back... Mourning, he left home to go it alone. What Do You See? #187 For WDYS #187, Sadje offers us this photo (Image: Grin @ Unsplash) of a French… Continue reading Out with the old, or: A dog’s life

Belle(s), or: Lettres

A clean limerick (really) Beauty's father feared she'd never be wed. It seemed she fancied reading instead. But Beast? Oh, what a find- A beau of similar mind Who thought it cute she lived stuck in her head! d'Verse poetics: Erik Johansson's art At d'Verse, we are encouraged to select a surrealist photo of Erik… Continue reading Belle(s), or: Lettres

Beaver, or: Clam

A limerick Babs Beaver was happy as a clam; Her new style was bedazzled and glam. Beau gave a happy nod But found the fad rather odd, Staring long at her trim, sequined dam. d'Verse poetics prompt: Animal architecture At d'Verse, poets are prompted to write poems about animals that construct their own homes. Twiglets… Continue reading Beaver, or: Clam

And now a message from, or: Sponsors

Ghostly Joe was a famed forest guide Who'd perished in a ghastly landslide; Clients weren't quite clear On why a wraith would wear gear, Unaware he had sponsors worldwide. 'What Do You See' prompt For today's #WDYS prompt, Sadje offers us this image by Jake Fagan (Unsplash) of a person wearing a bright yellow hoodie… Continue reading And now a message from, or: Sponsors

Goodfellas, or: My Cousin Vinny

EPIGRAPH: The main obligation is to amuse yourself. -S. J. Perelman (1904 โ€“ 1979) I. A Limerick With limericks, I myself amuse, Subjecting readers to great abuse; Some opine- "David... your Poetry's SUCH a bore; It's quite clear! You're rhyming for views!" II. A Reverso Often, I write to amuse myself, else I'd quickly get… Continue reading Goodfellas, or: My Cousin Vinny

Beauty, or: The Beast

A Limerick Squabble broke out between Beast and Beauty; Much insulted, he thought her quite snooty, As at a sumptuous feast, She'd claimed he(!) was the beast, But 'twas not he with that small, bony booty! W3 poetry prompt This poem was written for Aishwarya's W3 poetry prompt, which is to write a beauty-themed poem… Continue reading Beauty, or: The Beast