Nationalism, or: Rationalism

My 2nd Lรผshi Ahad Ha'am[1] founded 'Cultural Zionism',[2] Pushed for Jewish homeland - national. Considered Israel a "spiritual center" For all Jews, dispersed, international. Wrote, "Shabbat keeps the Jews"[3] - Towards religion, respectful but rational. Oh, this speaks to me: Love for our people - Passional. Footnotes Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg (1856 โ€“ 1927), primarily known… Continue reading Nationalism, or: Rationalism

Flood, or: Brown death

My 1st lushi Reinterpreting 'Flood' by T'ao Chien Brown clouded sky, broiling, broiling. Hot gusting sands, hurling, hurling. Khamsin consuming in all directions. Parching dust storm, whirling, whirling. Raising waterskin to broken lips. Death's eastern wind, unfurl, unfurling. Desolately-I recall kind warnings. Ignored their advice-sterling, sterling. Flood by T'ao Chien The lingering clouds, rolling, rolling,… Continue reading Flood, or: Brown death