Musth, or: A must

A prose poem Aggressive like an elephant bull in musth, it's invincible. My ears tremble, athunder. Heart in heat, receptive, reddened; the bull swollen, leaking, irresistible. Love's low, pulsating rumble signals one singular purpose; sickly-sweet odor overwhelming; ears flapping in agitation; ichor flowing from his temples. My sanctum's four innermost chambers open, pulsing; nagada apounding.… Continue reading Musth, or: A must

Upon their first kiss, or: Nary a misgiving

A Cleave poem in the form of two Shadormas he yearns for all of hersoft, supple secrets she gladly gifts himhis desire pressed againstquivering painful needwith nary a misgiving she lets herself be takenas control crumbles upon their first kiss How to read a cleave poem? Simply: Read the left hand poem as a first… Continue reading Upon their first kiss, or: Nary a misgiving

Moonmilk, or: Full and embodied

Poetry Partners #95 'Naked and Sacred', by Nick Pipitone of 'Fiction & Ideas' Awakenings come when least expected A freeing of inner tension, an explosion Of color, light back into dull worlds The knot in my stomach is gone Soul connections made Souls fused together Souls finding souls on empty streets Drawn to each other… Continue reading Moonmilk, or: Full and embodied