The stench of thaumaturgy

Noting the arcane symbol carved into the gnarly oak tree in the massively overgrown yard, Seksan felt his stomach twist, but he was ready. After all, the witch hunter's talent and enterprise had kept him intact this long. When he reached the door, it blew open with a blast, and Seksan entered. Predictably, the air… Continue reading The stench of thaumaturgy

Unsealed by candlelight

Professor Roonwardl was kind and boyishly handsome but much too loquacious for his own good, smirked Elspeth to herself. Having gotten the answer she'd wanted, the young wizard separated herself from the flock of girls surrounding their new instructor and hurried toward the library. According to Roonwardl's description, the Book of Two was, as she'd… Continue reading Unsealed by candlelight

Shimmers, or: Ripples

Poetry Partners #160 'Magical', a haiku by WickedLizzie of 'Essays From the Edge of Existence' Moonlight on the lake Softly shimmers, casts a spell Nature's magic glow Essays From the Edge of Existence: A tanka by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ moonlight on the lake softly shimmers, casts a spell nature's magic glow… Continue reading Shimmers, or: Ripples

The cloudy ripples

Smiling toothlessly, the ancient guru stared at Govindaram. "Preposterous, boy? Preposterous?" Standing in the master's hut under his low, wooden roof, the lad felt dubious. He watched the ancient's left hand plop an ivory needle into the bowl and let it sink. Finally, curious, he peered into the vessel. Startled, Govindaram stared at the moon… Continue reading The cloudy ripples

The dark icicles

The end was nigh, but Rico didn't care. Just yesterday, he'd sat waiting saplessly, the dark icicles growing over his heart. His enchanted instrument had fallen into a perpetual cycle of disrepair and repair, just as the witch doctor had warned it would, and its upkeep was becoming increasingly expensive. The musician smiled ruefully at… Continue reading The dark icicles

From the Hallowed Way

Once the humblest and simplest of the Goddess' disciples, Vera had long been on the upgrade, known far and wide by other acolytes for her unnatural lack of fear. Never once had she oscillated from the Hallowed Way, even when faced with the most challenging of paranormal rituals. She belonged, body, heart and soul, to… Continue reading From the Hallowed Way

In the lights and shadows

In the lights and shadows before the otherworldly giant, fearing battery or worse, Markos rummaged for the medallion with trepidation. The scene exceeded his imagination. "Organization isn't my strength… Quite the opposite…" Accepting his tribute, the giant opened his maw, revealing a cobblestone pathway. “Inner Beauty”Photo by Thomas Barbey This piece of flash fiction was… Continue reading In the lights and shadows

Poet moon, or: A soul softly

Poetry Partners #125 'Poet moon', a poem by Rob Kistner of 'Image & Verse' Ride the moon light the poet’s lamp explore the secret realm of rhyme ride the moon to seek the magic that glistens there like stardust in the folds of time Image & Verse: A Cherita by ben Alexander of ‘The… Continue reading Poet moon, or: A soul softly