No family, no house, no moneyโ€ฆ

His oldest brother inherited the estate; their middle brother acquired the farm; but Marcus only got the old puss. Sighing sadly, Marcus walked to the back of the store, nearly tripping over the creature. "Damn it, Tom!" His life was shit. No family, no house, no moneyโ€ฆ just this part-time job. Not even a girlfriend.… Continue reading No family, no house, no moneyโ€ฆ

Seven pairs of eyes

The evil queen, certain the dwarves were away, mining on the other side of the mountain, passed the towering woodpile on her way to the door. Seven pairs of eyes watched from behind the logs, flummoxed that she would be so brazen. Photography by Kristine Wayman This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:… Continue reading Seven pairs of eyes

Whispered wonders, or: Dream Queen

A magnetic shadorma birthday girl, Dream Queen of kind world, plays; pretends; imagines adventuring, wings aglow, through whispered wonders Shadorma? a six-line stanza;syllable count: 3/5/3/3/7/5 per line, for a total of 26 syllables;a poem may consist of one stanza, or an unlimited number of stanzas (a series of shadormas). Magnetic poetry? Poetry constructed from words… Continue reading Whispered wonders, or: Dream Queen

Despite, or: Because of confusion

My 2nd Palindrome poem Why is poetry magical Written absorbingly such that Wonder comes forth -BAM- We are utterly consumed Self-indulgently reading while Questioning wordsmiths leaves Broad-mindedness unchecked Poets manipulate thoughts Creativity thriving inspiring Despite that ~ -Confusion- ~ That despite Inspiring thriving creativity Thoughts manipulate poets Unchecked broad-mindedness Leaves wordsmiths questioning While reading self-indulgently… Continue reading Despite, or: Because of confusion

Never, or: Their wildest dreams

A kyrielle Through bedroom window, warm breeze blew. Deposited by lush forest, They floated at the threshold to Magic realm where tall trees chorused. Before them, floated small canoe... Carried them to shimmering lake. They floated at the threshold to Stars mirrored in ripples opaque. Upwards, then higher, on they flew. As threads of heavens… Continue reading Never, or: Their wildest dreams

Abacadaba, or: Abracadabra

My 1st 'Magic 9' poem Might abacadaba be a charm, Or perhaps potent poetic hex? Would that it could guard from harm, Its very form a counter-curse spell! What guides forth poet's tired arm? His mind, or weird magic force? Could such rhymes barbarian disarm, Or vile sorcerer's intentions vex? ... Well, should I vanish,… Continue reading Abacadaba, or: Abracadabra