Expectation packaged in an envelope

Letters are expectation packaged in an envelope. -Shana Alexander (1925 โ€“ 2005) I've written before about my special poetry partnership with Sangeetha and how she has brought more color into my world. Recently, I wrote a poem inspired by an envelope that I received from Sangeetha in the mail, but I didn't write anything about… Continue reading Expectation packaged in an envelope

Jehangir, or: Sangeetha

Blank Verse Handwriting so neat it could have been typed; envelope worn from international journey through the clouds; J. R. D. Tata, the first licensed pilot in India, features on six stamps in the upper left corner, but he's upside-down; I wonder if his flight was turbulent, or whether he rolled, pitched, and yawed for… Continue reading Jehangir, or: Sangeetha