Teaching poetry to children? Help!

Despite have been born in and growing up in Israel, my six-year-old speaks, reads, and writes English better than she does Hebrew. In fact, I think she also writes and reads (and maybe speaks) better Russian than Hebrew, thanks to her mother's efforts. Anyway, as I've mentioned in passing, our little girl is well aware… Continue reading Teaching poetry to children? Help!

Wherefore ‘ben Alexander’?

Some basics of Jewish names Most Jewish people have Jewish names, which they use in religious contexts, although they do not necessarily go by them in public. Some Jewish names like mine (David) are universal enough, but others do not roll off the gentile tongue so easily. Jewish names are typically of Jewish languages: primarily… Continue reading Wherefore ‘ben Alexander’?

Ethical will: Loving-kindness

In composing my ethical will, I usually find myself resistant to including entries that should, according to my sensibilities, be self-evident. That's not to say that I personally exemplify any of these self-evidently positive traits; rather, it is to say that I wish I did. On the other hand, my ethical will is, by default,… Continue reading Ethical will: Loving-kindness

America, or: Jerusalem

'Endings / beginnings', a d'Verse prompt More than anything else, I simply wanted her to be okay after Papa died Though it seems rather unpoetic and prosaic to me looking back at it Of course that is what I would have wanted for Mama; and for all of us Losing one parent so tragically would… Continue reading America, or: Jerusalem

The heartwarming house sale

Home alone For Mama, everything changed dramatically [following Papa's death]. Where would she live? What would she do with the rest of her life? Whom would she do it with? Clearly, she still had to sell her too large house, but then– what?-Me, 'When the rabbi’s wife died', Nov. 27th, 2020 Following my Papa's death ~2.5 years ago,… Continue reading The heartwarming house sale

When the rabbi’s wife died

Jewish wedding: No rabbi? No problem! Did you know that according to traditional Jewish law, no rabbi is necessary for the performance of a Jewish wedding? That's right: Jews don't need rabbis to get married. Okay, so what are the essentials? The groom gives the bride something of at least a certain minimum value (usually… Continue reading When the rabbi’s wife died

Home, or: No longer

Grand Empty on cul-de-sac woodsy Trees evergreen young once 'fore masonry veneer Recalling perhaps her helpmate and compeer Grand Empty on cul-de-sac woodsy Stairs high to the front whispering not welcome Dreading that walls wide still farther shall become Grand Empty on cul-de-sac woodsy Corners abound below ceilings tall daunting Rattling inside rooms barren she's… Continue reading Home, or: No longer

Books and activities for multilingual children

There are several reasons why my 5½-year-old, despite living in Israel and despite only having one parent whose speaks English at a mother tongue level, speaks, reads, and writes English as fluently as she does. I suggest that parents should assume that all children are capable of absorbing languages like little sponges. Nevertheless, let's assume… Continue reading Books and activities for multilingual children