Frantic whispers screaming stop, or: …

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. why elaborate? frantic whispers screaming stop we like want need our picture of a peachy life as he beats her bloody raw Notes This poem was inspired by The Paltry Sum's blog post: 'Marriage is Murder';For this poem, I decided to make use of the 'Original Set'… Continue reading Frantic whispers screaming stop, or: …

Love deep, or: Twirling

My first diatelle I want to Nay, need to Must- simply must Express love deep for you Aroused by the depths of our trust ‘Tween ashes and ashes; ‘tween dust and dust Souls float together above the ground and the sky We spiraling-twirling through gale and gust Flowing on respect true and lust One another… Continue reading Love deep, or: Twirling

Ethical will: Loving-kindness

In composing my ethical will, I usually find myself resistant to including entries that should, according to my sensibilities, be self-evident. That's not to say that I personally exemplify any of these self-evidently positive traits; rather, it is to say that I wish I did. On the other hand, my ethical will is, by default,… Continue reading Ethical will: Loving-kindness

Holiday thoughts, part II: Jewish v. Not

Tonight is New Year's Eve so before I get into the substance of this post, I would like to wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year! 🥳 So... New Year's... Growing up in America, this was not a holiday that I marked in any way, shape or form. Truly, I did not… Continue reading Holiday thoughts, part II: Jewish v. Not

Love, Marriage, or: Both

'Synesthesia' - a d’Verse prompt My lime for you beryls with deep pine I coral to salmon your puce Your yellows both amber and chrome me Your bice leaves me verting for spruce The teals of your blues, they cobalt me I can't help but rose at your flush There are kelly and coal in… Continue reading Love, Marriage, or: Both

When the rabbi’s wife died

Jewish wedding: No rabbi? No problem! Did you know that according to traditional Jewish law, no rabbi is necessary for the performance of a Jewish wedding? That's right: Jews don't need rabbis to get married. Okay, so what are the essentials? The groom gives the bride something of at least a certain minimum value (usually… Continue reading When the rabbi’s wife died