Generations, or: Generation

Poetry Partners #36 A Pythagorean poem by davidatqcm of 'The Hobart Chinaman' We hear their news They'll be transported to parenthood Life starts again in utero, for millennia t'was always so, but now from test tubes small cells grow. davidatqcm: A Fibonacci poem by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ The worst... By far,… Continue reading Generations, or: Generation

Pi, or: Pie

My 1st 'cadae' My Papa's book rests on my shelf. Sigh. I am very proud of his incredible brilliance, which touched thousands around the world. Still, he's not a book. I'd rather have Papa back than a volume of probability riddles that never interested me before his sudden death.

Alexander, or: Alexander

A quadrille in memory of Papa z"l (in two limericks) I. Alexander hacked the Gordian Knot; Defeated all armies he fought; With lightning sword, Secured his reward... ... Unknown remains his burial plot II. My Papa conceived 'Cut The Knot', Believing education ought be rethought Blazing forth new path, Spreading passion for math; Personal gain?… Continue reading Alexander, or: Alexander

David, or: ben Alexander

In memory of Papa My first ghazal I remember his toolboxes, table vice, hand sander Still remember foul humor, impatience, frank candor I remember clever math tricks and right-wing politics And sultry actresses at whom he would gander I remember him sitting, reading, problem solving Frustrated, resigned, when his mind would meander I remember long… Continue reading David, or: ben Alexander

Wherefore ‘ben Alexander’?

Some basics of Jewish names Most Jewish people have Jewish names, which they use in religious contexts, although they do not necessarily go by them in public. Some Jewish names like mine (David) are universal enough, but others do not roll off the gentile tongue so easily. Jewish names are typically of Jewish languages: primarily… Continue reading Wherefore ‘ben Alexander’?

This is not a poet

More than two decades ago when I was applying to universities, I intentionally sought out strong programs in biomedical engineering. My thought at the time was that a degree in BME would serve me as a stepping stone for medical school. That turned out to be a terrible, foolish mistake on my part, which led… Continue reading This is not a poet

Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s nickname for my father: ‘Maestro’

One of the things that I reflected upon after Papa died was a series of coincidences that preceded his death. In November 2018, I wrote the following (emphasis mine): I’m not one to assign meanings to coincidences, but the timing of particular events before my father’s death was uncanny. In no particular order:⦿ My father… Continue reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s nickname for my father: ‘Maestro’

He was supposed to teach her math

I took notice that our 5⅔-year-old was using the word 'half' and the word 'part' interchangeably and decided that the time had come to set her straight on the matter. She's quite bright and loves learning new concepts so it wasn't at all challenging to pique her curiosity. However, she hadn't yet encountered fractions so,… Continue reading He was supposed to teach her math