Little game, or: Thrill me

Perhaps it was the I remember the bus stop by the brown field Empty no man's land between the houses with a couple of small How old was I in second or third grade? Nine years old I suppose Maybe eight houses down from ours maybe less It's all so hazy Those two small trees… Continue reading Little game, or: Thrill me

The prime minister’s yarmulke

A non-political post about Israeli politics Naftali Bennett's yarmulke In writing about Israel's new government recently, I mentioned in passing that our new prime minister is the first one to wear a yarmulke in public all the time. Former PM Netanyahu wore a yarmulke at special events, but not daily. Upon taking office, PM Bennett… Continue reading The prime minister’s yarmulke

Stars, or: Cyanide

Memories free in verse I remember entire apples consumed, only stems remained to be thrown away I remember wet crunching sounds even as I was still cutting mine into slices I spread thick peanut butter, too much of, it on apples, as he did, but his used to be spread upon the skin; then all… Continue reading Stars, or: Cyanide

Final words, or: Oeuvre

My 1st dizain The poet sat watching the page fill up; words, once warm, flowed forth freely from his vein; nothing his heart's oeuvre could interrupt, that stream of pleasure, love, memories, pain, for mere existence had become a strain; came the day when one thing remained to write, when the writer felt exhaustion's cold… Continue reading Final words, or: Oeuvre

Pi, or: Pie

My 1st 'cadae' My Papa's book rests on my shelf. Sigh. I am very proud of his incredible brilliance, which touched thousands around the world. Still, he's not a book. I'd rather have Papa back than a volume of probability riddles that never interested me before his sudden death.

Milk, or: Cream

My 1st pantun This form has been referred to as a riddle. Steaming earthy buckwheat soaked in milk Borscht and pierogi topped with sour cream Wells bored in hot golden sun-soaked silk Southernmost sanctuary on seam Beer Sheva Beer Sheva, Israel is the city my mother's parents moved to after leaving the USSR in '74,… Continue reading Milk, or: Cream

Dungeons, or: Dragons

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. Dungeons & Dragons ~ I always liked that geek game which played in my head we interfaced with our brains war with evil never crashed Notes For this poem, I decided to make use of the 'Geek Set' on the Magnetic Poetry website;I am, after all, a… Continue reading Dungeons, or: Dragons