Blues mist spray, or: Rainstorm rock symphony

A magnetic sijo created with Original Magnetic Poetry kit wind blows live blues mist spray languid music plays over diamond lake rainstorm rock symphony pounds through waters in a lather delirious, she moans with lust in sweaty dreams swims aching 'Ronovan Writes' poetry challenge Sijo Wednesday #1 Ronovan encourages poets to write sijos that include… Continue reading Blues mist spray, or: Rainstorm rock symphony

Rhyme, or: Reason

Sweet breeze beyond windows rhymes Whispering sweet no-things to leaves that rustle coquettishly Never before have they fluttered with so much animation Flirtatious feathered creatures sailing along ethereal Streams land in pairs to catch teasing airy murmurs -Chirp- Straining for rhymes in the drift lethargic still long past cockcrow hour he hears children's Gales of… Continue reading Rhyme, or: Reason

Whither, or: The vine

Poetry Partners #22 'By a thread', a poem by Constance Bourg of 'Tender Rebellion' (after Sylvia Plath) As you walk on by nothing to see here / for the knotted hanging roots the washing clean of mind muddled with muck is my unraveling hair and then there is some light that seems to come from… Continue reading Whither, or: The vine

Transfer, or: Orientation

A 'Found Poem' Based on Peter Schneider's poem 'Lost in Plain Sight' I wake up, waiting, wanting to speak my mind, I think. Why do I have this empty cup clenched in my right hand? To fill in with... name, date? I greet my neighbor (isn't her name Susan?) with trivia, punch line. She smiles… Continue reading Transfer, or: Orientation

Total eclipse, or: The heart

A kimo anxiety's incapacitating; encapsulating the heart; capping capacity What's a kimo? According to this website, kimo poems are an Israeli ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ version of haiku. Apparently, there was a need for more syllables in Hebrew. That said, most of the rules are still familiar: 3 lines.No rhymes.10 syllables in the first line, 7 in the… Continue reading Total eclipse, or: The heart