Like the wind, or: Like the earth

Poetry Partners #145 'Your life is a story like the wind!', a poem by Wm. "Mark" Parry of 'works of words' Your life is a story like the wind, Like the sky, Like a river, Or a ship on the sea. Harder still to understand; Let if flow this story, let if flow. Search the… Continue reading Like the wind, or: Like the earth

Physical ego, or: Immaterial id

Poetry Partners #144 'Physical Ego', a poem by Alex Budris of 'Lost Continent Books' webs of spittle & a thousand multi-eyed flies like words - maggoty somersault struggles caught choking out the gasping spidernest hole of yr mouth consonants and vowels a black mass backache toothache bad bowels & black- -hearted atheism tooth over tongue… Continue reading Physical ego, or: Immaterial id

Wax on, or: Wax off

Blank verse in iambic pentameter Laziness; can't blame it on craziness - that's much too sexy, and I've yet to cut even one ear off. This constant stare-off with my own reflection on poetry websites; impressions in fast succession, forming ideas, framing works, foraging for scraps of ambrosia and digging down for diggities. Oh ~… Continue reading Wax on, or: Wax off

Flavors, or: Fingertips

EPIGRAPH: Alex-A few moments ofreading pleasure in returnfor an evening of sensualdelights. Dennis October Bacchanalia1994 -A book inscription on 'The Physiology of Taste' A Sedลka flavors of moonlight our last candlelit evening drips of hot glistening wax fingertips quiver tracing the curves of your quill pulsing flush spreads over me Sedลka? Composed of two sets of 5-7-7… Continue reading Flavors, or: Fingertips

Voices, or: Choices

A sijo rocking, blanketed on the porch, misty eyes drawn to weak light; motes flicker in dappled sunset; screened-in memories flutter; voices reverberate through caverns; shake up clouds of old regrets Sijo? A Korean verse form related to haiku and tanka and comprised of three lines of 14-16 syllables each, for a total of 44-46 syllables. Each line contains… Continue reading Voices, or: Choices

Pen, or: Quill

Poetry Partners #143 A poem by Kevin L. Perrin of 'Penultimate' For the first time, frustration halts the pen. Above my blind, the duckless sky laughs at my shotgun, my eager eye. I row the page home, empty and white- then write about finding insight in sight. Kevin L. Perrin: An abhanga by ben… Continue reading Pen, or: Quill