Predictable, or: Semi-automatic

Poetry Partners #180 'Shot', a poem by Susan Strasser in 'The Tail' nonce poetic form Youโ€™ve got lead shot set in under your skin from that mass death at your church five years a- go. Me? I did not know a- bout your kin and blood bath in your small town down in the South.… Continue reading Predictable, or: Semi-automatic

Dock, or: Hickory dickory

A series of micropoems written in Michael โ€œMouseโ€ Murdoch's new nonce poetic form: "The Mouse" I. day off (day) (off) =ยฐ= vacation time parents and children together__________ II. him her (him) (her) =ยฐ= different needs compromise is so essential__________ III. not now (not) (now) =ยฐ= demanding child __________constantly bored to distraction IV. the end (the)… Continue reading Dock, or: Hickory dickory

Mouse, or: Mouse

A 'Blitz' poem man of few words man or mouse mouse potato mouse over over the moon over and above above reproach above and beyond beyond description beyond the word word of mouth word of mouse mouse about mouse in the wall wall-to-wall wall of silence silence is deafening silence is golden golden opportunity golden… Continue reading Mouse, or: Mouse