Stubborn hopes, or: Weary despair

A 'Wounded Couplet' Having moved twice across the vast ocean, I've been hollowed out as pieces flaked off, Shaken loose by each wave, Wearing away at the last of my brave. Biting chills blow through with my every cough, Being depleted by every motion, Lugging cumbersome baggage everywhere, Full of stubborn hopes and weary despair.… Continue reading Stubborn hopes, or: Weary despair

Buffalo roam, or: Heart is

Poetry Partners #156 'Cars and bars', a poem by Charles of 'Oldageist' Rusty cars and smoke filled bars. A trailer house on the edge of town with a number on the mailbox, no name to be found. Open roads and wide open spaces, and always the urge to be in different places. I canโ€™t say… Continue reading Buffalo roam, or: Heart is

Endings, or: Beginnings

A Cadralor In the form of 5 Kimos I. two first graders play together for hours at their local Gymboree, out of their parents' view II. packed suitcases in marble tiled foyer full of life's necessities await airport shuttle III. childish drawings made with deep affection lie folded in boy's red backpack beneath his cushioned… Continue reading Endings, or: Beginnings