Flint, or: Fire

An acrostic poem Though it threw me into tumult, Regardless of confident pen, Order and discipline won, as Upwards I stared, focused, counting Breaths in centered meditation, Listening to the muse's voice, Enthusiasm whetting each word. W3 poetry prompt For today's W3 poetry prompt, Punam encourages us to write acrostic poems on any one of… Continue reading Flint, or: Fire

Full Muse Queen, or: Creative Source

Poetry Partners #177 'Inside This Place', a 'Vilanelle' by Karima Hoisan of 'Digital Rabbit Hole' Inside this place my dreams and verse are born Like magic, words brew with no help from me I do but watch the process every morn As dialogue in dreams comes to adorn Subconscious yearnings I can never see Inside… Continue reading Full Muse Queen, or: Creative Source

In this beautiful land, or: Through dreams

Poetry Partners #168 'My Inspiration, My Muse, My Love Of Life', a poem by Jaideep Khanduja of 'Pebble's Galaxy' My inspiration, my muse, my love of life, You light my soul with a warm, gentle light. With every thought, every word, every rhyme, You fill me with joy, making everything bright. Your smile, your laughter,… Continue reading In this beautiful land, or: Through dreams

Mutiny, or: Inner space

A quadrille In the form of a Than Bauk Just got the news that my muse has refused to aid me - betrayed me! Dismayed, I sigh. Thus denied, words won't fly without her about; and rerouting thoughts through new dots just leaves knotted lines. Undermined, I'm inclined to throw in my worn towel. Than… Continue reading Mutiny, or: Inner space

Selious, or: Sirry

My 1st Virelai Ancien I know, I know! Rhyme is passé! A game that little children play... But I feel young! Old school, they say, but who is 'they'? Besides, I never quite could stay my playful tongue. So, I suppose you'll have your say - Read to the end, then: yay or nay -… Continue reading Selious, or: Sirry

Anía, or: Greek for boredom

She plants a niggling little thought - This movie's boring! (though it's not) I have something you'd like to see... but, first, I'd have sweet poetry! Anía, please, I'm much too tired... My Dear, I know you're uninspired! I know too well your life is dull - Long, practiced fingers trace my skull... I feel… Continue reading Anía, or: Greek for boredom