REBLOG: ‘Quiet Places’ by Mother Wintermoon

Poem: Those of us who live in quiet places, Eavesdrop on leaves The humming of bees The rustling tree branches Outside our window panes Those of us who lost our way to Elysium Get lost in the clickety-clack of the keyboard Under a restless moon In a room strewn With words Falling Failing Whispering Scrambling… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Quiet Places’ by Mother Wintermoon

The endless watch

The plump moon was concealed, blanketed by the thick night clouds, but the area around his park bench was bright enough beneath the glow of the midnight streetlights. Uriel stared down at the delicate flowers in his hand. Renewal. Humans simply didn't know how good they had it. This newest assignment was considered quite prestigious,… Continue reading The endless watch

Wild thoughts, or: Crumpled sheets

Poetry Partners #169 'Night of wonder', a poem by Angela of 'Poetisatinta' put art before self, seize a night of wonder for in this curious reality the woman kindles, touches, talks and wild thoughts melt in a silk dressing gown shredding particles of light. Poetisatinta: A 'Shadorma' by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’… Continue reading Wild thoughts, or: Crumpled sheets

Darkness, or: Fade away

Poetry Partners #157 'Darkness', a haiku by WickedLizzie of 'Essays From the Edge of Existence' The night falls, darkness Silent, still, and full of mystery A time for dreams. Essays From the Edge of Existence: A tanka by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ the night falls, darkness silent, still, and full of mystery… Continue reading Darkness, or: Fade away

REBLOG: ‘Butterflies in the Night’ by Jeff Flesch

Poem: I sit on the front porch considering the moon, and the train coming down the tracks I can feel it, the anxiety the streets, and this sensation not missing a beat Kinda like when you see a star in the sky you relate to it it’s a mirror image of you, and you know… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Butterflies in the Night’ by Jeff Flesch

Pitter, or: Patter

A 'kouta' poem raindrops splatter rat-a-tat pitter-patter upon wood soft tittering turns my head "Good night, Abba'chka*." *What my daughter calls me Kouta? 4 lines (an occasional 5th line may appear); A stand alone poem but often is accompanied by other Koutas with the same theme; Syllabic: variable odd numbered syllable lengths, the most common… Continue reading Pitter, or: Patter

Night walks scattering poems

d’Verse prosery "Hey, brother." Fat Greg lifted the flap of Earl's camping tent and prodded him unceremoniously. "Wake up." Instantly, Earl was awake. Sleeping rough for more than twelve years had taught him to always keep one eye open, and he had long since gotten used to Greg's behavior. Besides, having a friend was a… Continue reading Night walks scattering poems

Blinded by love, or: Nature’s veil

A limerick Hand in hand in the dark on their tryst, Their kiss nearly missed through the mist. Blinded by love in the woods, Each quickly gave up the goods Cuz nature's veil proved much too hard to resist. ‘What do you see’ Prompt #155 For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offered the photo below… Continue reading Blinded by love, or: Nature’s veil