Oh me! or: Oh my!

A nonsense limerick A particularly glun binnabur school boy had to durp prillowets as a pool boy. At work, he zezzed a vullowy woman who begged of him, 'Please, fritt my flumin!' Of course, HE claims he buppered her nalloy! d'Verse prompt: Narrative Nonsense At d'Verse, poets were prompted to write nonsense poems, while keeping the… Continue reading Oh me! or: Oh my!

Chutzpah, or: Vorpal

A sequel to 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll Past twestif, all the nochky kreets Did stwirk and smiggle in the glood: All thungry were the zilligeets, And the narvips twitwooโ€™d. โ€œAcquire that Wockyโ€™s head, I must- Those jaws that bit- from he who fought! Acquire its head, upending trust, As none were there to see it… Continue reading Chutzpah, or: Vorpal