Selious, or: Sirry

My 1st Virelai Ancien I know, I know! Rhyme is passé! A game that little children play... But I feel young! Old school, they say, but who is 'they'? Besides, I never quite could stay my playful tongue. So, I suppose you'll have your say - Read to the end, then: yay or nay -… Continue reading Selious, or: Sirry

Hummus, or: Posthumous

My 1st Zéjel There's raw, deep sage honey for bread; Freshly churned sweet butter to spread; 'Course, some prefer beet jam instead... Some love their tart tidbits with tea; Take doughy plot holes with coffee; Relish fruit bars, nutty toffee... ~ It's stale, corny flavors I dread. For clichés some pour out their purse; Favor… Continue reading Hummus, or: Posthumous