100 Poetry Partners!

Milestone: Poetry Partners I have posted 101 Poetry Partnerships as of this morning. My intention has been (and remains) to give priority to poets with whom I have not yet collaborated, but I accidentally responded to two separate poems by one particular poet, which brings my current total to 101, rather than 100. Feel free… Continue reading 100 Poetry Partners!

Unlock, or: Transform

A riddle poem The merest glimpse and passion's born; this essence belies any scorn. Come morning, brims again, renewed. The day is ours to see it through. d'Verse prompt: Guess right or be devoured At d'Verse, poets were encouraged to write riddles in the form of poems. The idea of making riddles into verse is… Continue reading Unlock, or: Transform

Invitation, or: Poetry Partners

A Cywydd Llosgyrnog We could alternate words or lines, Forming poems, both thine and mine. Thus entwined, what could we birth? Sounds, syllables, inspiring verse ~ Hearts in union cynics disperse. Let's converse, two of one earth. 'Poetry Partners' This poem is in honor of the new 'Poetry Partners' initiative at the Skeptic's Kaddish. I'm… Continue reading Invitation, or: Poetry Partners

Announcing ‘Poetry Partners’!

New at the Skeptic's Kaddish I'm excited to announce that the Skeptic's Kaddish will be featuring one guest poem weekly on or before Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath, which runs from Friday night to Saturday night) in Israel (UTC+02:00). Please note: โ€˜Poetry Partnersโ€™ is not merely about publishing guest poetry; itโ€™s about seeding potential future creative partnerships.… Continue reading Announcing ‘Poetry Partners’!