Realignment, or: The explosion

Poetry Partners #153 A poem by Tricia Sankey In my dream you have hands like a clock pointy and judgy countering all reason and erasing our seconds moments gone. Why is awareness the last thing to go? I curse the black holes in your eyes (Dilating now) and I swallow one marvelous bright ball (one… Continue reading Realignment, or: The explosion

The drifting stars, or: As we are

Poetry Partners #126 A poem by Michaël of 'Daily Poetry' Is it required to love you with all my heart, isn't our silences when the problems did start? I am not missing you, don't feel blue. It maybe crude, but love is sometimes rude. Some people stand loneliness better than others, in this age of… Continue reading The drifting stars, or: As we are

Stars, or: Hall of Fame

Poetry Partners #112 'Cassiopea', a 'mirrored refrain' poem by Scotti Woolery-Price of 'Morning Star Poetry' Placed in a constellation Found among the Northern skies Her fables try to tempt you But come morning her light dies Zig zagging around the night Her five stars come into view But come morning her light dies As fables… Continue reading Stars, or: Hall of Fame

Baryonic, or: Dark matter

My 2nd Garland Cinquain I'd float past the Kármán line, into outer space past the Milky Way's dark matter unseen vacuum without friction leaves stars and planets free to travel along their orbits fluid plasma low density between vast galaxies of hydrogen and helium glacial up there observing the visible universe through foam of spongy… Continue reading Baryonic, or: Dark matter

Apocalypse or: Armageddon now

A kimo ⭑ extravehicular⭑ activity⭑ ⭑ interplanetary⭑ space⭑ ⭑ adaptability ⭑ What's a kimo? According to this website, kimo poems are an Israeli 🇮🇱 version of haiku. Apparently, there was a need for more syllables in Hebrew. That said, most of the rules are still familiar: 3 lines.No rhymes.10 syllables in the first line, 7… Continue reading Apocalypse or: Armageddon now