Musth, or: A must

A prose poem Aggressive like an elephant bull in musth, it's invincible. My ears tremble, athunder. Heart in heat, receptive, reddened; the bull swollen, leaking, irresistible. Love's low, pulsating rumble signals one singular purpose; sickly-sweet odor overwhelming; ears flapping in agitation; ichor flowing from his temples. My sanctum's four innermost chambers open, pulsing; nagada apounding.… Continue reading Musth, or: A must

Ark, or: Rainbow

A 'cascade' poem Insecurities dribble like sweat from my brow I can't stem the holes in the many bursting pipes Flailing, I'm pulled into perfectionism's whirlpool Work correspondences run down my screen Anxieties float to the surface with every email Insecurities dribble like sweat from my brow An emergency! Quick, send out a press release!… Continue reading Ark, or: Rainbow

The harsh blizzard, or: Thoughts

An American sentence: Every verse provides a moment's reprieve from the harsh blizzard of thoughts. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didn’t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining the requirement of 17 syllables total. He felt… Continue reading The harsh blizzard, or: Thoughts

Life’s comforts, or: Crushing conditions

A shadorma loving lights local loyalties life's comforts clear contrasts to stormy circumstances crushing conditions ‘What do you see’ Prompt #142 For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offered the photo below as inspiration for writers to produce art. Image credit: Aleksey Kuprikov @ Pexels

Space, or: Time

Poetry Partners #94 'The Shiver of Time', by A. J. Wilson of 'Let's Write...' opening the window I witness existence the vast expanse of sky overwhelms me maneuvering new passageways to its outer limits I am contained by its immensity blown fiercely luminous through the journals of space cover me in the blanket of time… Continue reading Space, or: Time

Frail days, or: Whelming

A limerick On my frail days, life's a whale of a fail. Basic emails weigh like heavy travails. Raising up grail of peace, I can't avail of release, for, ailed and pale, I forget to exhale. ‘What do you see’ Prompt #130 For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offered the photo below (taken by Matt Barringer) as inspiration for writers… Continue reading Frail days, or: Whelming