Rascal, or: Dusht (दुष्ट)

An Ovi The imp caused a hullabaloo Pouring out her sister's shampoo Into their mom's fruit chutney stew- How both wanted to punch her! They chased her from the bungalow Like juggernauts with dad in tow Through the veranda (what a show!), Their metal bangles jangling. d'Verse poetics: The Indian connection At d'Verse, we were… Continue reading Rascal, or: Dusht (दुष्ट)

The drifting stars, or: As we are

Poetry Partners #126 A poem by Michaël of 'Daily Poetry' Is it required to love you with all my heart, isn't our silences when the problems did start? I am not missing you, don't feel blue. It maybe crude, but love is sometimes rude. Some people stand loneliness better than others, in this age of… Continue reading The drifting stars, or: As we are