Jewish communal professional

My co-worker was a rabbi By tremendous coincidence, one of my co-workers at The Jewish Agency for Israel was a rabbi who served at one of my hometown (East Brunswick, NJ) synagogues for six years. He is approximately my age. I mention this because it goes back to my once-dream of becoming a rabbi, which… Continue reading Jewish communal professional

Lingering, or: Ready to depart

Poetry Partners #92 'Lingering Soul', a poem by Maitreyee Telang of 'Empty's Blog' She was like a preserved flower, Unique and delicate, So exquisite, The beauty, itself, was scared, To breathe, In case, it altered her in some way. She was like the moon, Incomparable and mysterious, A side of her so dark, That the… Continue reading Lingering, or: Ready to depart

Garden, or: Eden

Poetry Partners #91 'Morphine Drip', a poem by LaToya Williams of 'mentalnotes1' For Halloween I want to be a morphine drip To let the sun dry me up And run healing through this broken cup But there is no sun in October And the weather is always better after the rain The atmosphere is clearer… Continue reading Garden, or: Eden

Shine, or: Rain

Poetry Partners #64 'Suede', a poem by Chris of 'Nomad' Heart pierced by her blade, Manipulation is her trade. Smile and laugh in life's parade, Permanently grinning is her masquerade. It's raining and I'm wearing suede. Chris: A Cyhydedd hir by ben Alexander of โ€˜The Skepticโ€™s Kaddishโ€™ Countless days I prayed... only lonely stayed;… Continue reading Shine, or: Rain

Deep scars, or: From deep within

Poetry Partners #58 'Deep Scars', a Pantoum by Reena Saxena of 'Reena Saxena' the yellow liquid boiling inside me it's made of many repressed blues red rage that despised me boils inside the pungent brew it's made of many repressed blues blood stains and a purple scar boils inside the pungent brew a remnant of… Continue reading Deep scars, or: From deep within

In Your hands, or: Out of mine

Poetry Partners #57 'In Your Hands', a poem by Naa Lamiorkor Boye of 'GemsFromASapphire' They say sticks and stones break bones But it felt like every single one of the 206 bones in my body shattered when you abandoned me. I wasn't just hurt. I experienced the kind of pain that grips your heart like… Continue reading In Your hands, or: Out of mine

Unfamiliar, or: Piercing

A haibun Nearly one year after my father died, I wrote the following: Disconcertingly out of sync, perceptions jumbled, receptors misfiring, I remain immediately near but never fully within the self Iโ€™d always known, receiving on an unfamiliar, piercing wavelength.Slowly, slowly, I have come to understandthis: My pulse has been attuned to loss.-Me, The Skeptic's… Continue reading Unfamiliar, or: Piercing