Despite, or: Because of confusion

My 2nd Palindrome poem Why is poetry magical Written absorbingly such that Wonder comes forth -BAM- We are utterly consumed Self-indulgently reading while Questioning wordsmiths leaves Broad-mindedness unchecked Poets manipulate thoughts Creativity thriving inspiring Despite that ~ -Confusion- ~ That despite Inspiring thriving creativity Thoughts manipulate poets Unchecked broad-mindedness Leaves wordsmiths questioning While reading self-indulgently… Continue reading Despite, or: Because of confusion

Looping perpetually, or: Perpetually looping

A 'Palindrome Poem' Death begets darkness Dimming skies above flutter Essence of shades Unseen Swirls through existence Observes life Emerging budding gushing Teeming multitudes of energies Inspiration begets ~Being~ Begets Inspiration Energies of multitudes teeming Gushing budding emerging Life observes Existence through swirls Unseen Shades of essence Flutter above skies dimming Darkness begets death The… Continue reading Looping perpetually, or: Perpetually looping