Sky, or: Earth

A Waltz Wave An ekphrastic poem there stands 'tween sky and earth, amidst lush treetops, his muscled legs rooted 'neath heaven's soft cotton quilt, watchful, one intent upon the capture of living grace #TankaTuesday Click for full size The above Waltz Wave was written for Colleen M. Chesebro’s ‘Tanka Tuesday’ prompt. Poets were prompted to… Continue reading Sky, or: Earth

Jerusalem, or: Anywhere

A Descort Poem The wind rattles hilly Jerusalem. Though Papa loved its hills, he is not in the rattling wind. Pedestrians walk; bikers ride; and drivers drive up and down Jerusalem's renowned hills entirely unaware that he once lived... here. I do not believe he is floating around windy Jerusalem. Or anywhere. Eschewing unreason, my… Continue reading Jerusalem, or: Anywhere

On a Saturday, or: Word-torrents

A shadorma Papa died unexpectedly several hours after reaching the emergency room on a Saturday Crushing waves; turbulent mood swings; treacherous reflections still pound my soul // spill over into word-torrents Shadorma? a six-line stanza (or sestet);each stanza has a syllable count of three in the 1st line, five in the 2nd, three in the… Continue reading On a Saturday, or: Word-torrents

New Jersey, or: The diner state

A Cascade poem Papa & I would go diving at the 'Shore' It was illegal for us to pump our own gas My friends & I hung out at malls & diners That was my normal; now it's all history My learning to scuba dive was Papa's idea I went along with him and was… Continue reading New Jersey, or: The diner state

Unfamiliar, or: Piercing

A haibun Nearly one year after my father died, I wrote the following: Disconcertingly out of sync, perceptions jumbled, receptors misfiring, I remain immediately near but never fully within the self I’d always known, receiving on an unfamiliar, piercing wavelength.Slowly, slowly, I have come to understandthis: My pulse has been attuned to loss.-Me, The Skeptic's… Continue reading Unfamiliar, or: Piercing

Landing pad, or: Helicopter seeds

A haibun Things are changing. I am the one who's changing. I created this blog in memory of my father; I spent a year mourning, praying, reflecting, researching, reading, writing; and I shared my journey with the world. Then my year of traditional Jewish mourning, of reciting the Mourner's Kaddish prayer every single day, came… Continue reading Landing pad, or: Helicopter seeds

Sweet, or: Sour

A butterfly cinquain I spat the orange juice out into the sink drain; eyed the carton; and notified Papa, who chuckled at my innocence. "Have you forgotten you've already brushed your teeth?" #TankaTuesday The above butterfly cinquain was written for Colleen M. Chesebro's 'Tanka Tuesday' prompt: Poets were prompted to write syllabic poems based on… Continue reading Sweet, or: Sour