The recent rise in coronavirus cases across Israel

The requirement to wear a mask indoors will be restored next week, as Thursday marked the fourth day in a row that the country registered over 100 new daily cases and the new outbreaks spread to several more municipalities...-Rossella Tercatin, The Jerusalem Post The centers of the new outbreak have been several schools... As of… Continue reading The recent rise in coronavirus cases across Israel

Little game, or: Thrill me

Perhaps it was the I remember the bus stop by the brown field Empty no man's land between the houses with a couple of small How old was I in second or third grade? Nine years old I suppose Maybe eight houses down from ours maybe less It's all so hazy Those two small trees… Continue reading Little game, or: Thrill me

Dear Dr. Seuss, or: Should I say Mr. Geisel?

A tribute I once was a boy, a few decades ago, that took joy in your words; in your humor and flow. Read most of your books, though perhaps not them all, even some adult stuff, though I was yet quite small. Read Cat in the Hat more times than I could count; your wit… Continue reading Dear Dr. Seuss, or: Should I say Mr. Geisel?

Great(!) news: a very special school

A major milestone for our Israeli family In Israel, the education system consists of three tiers: primary (grades 1–6), middle school (grades 7–9) and high school (grades 10–12). The major decisions about schooling have to be made for 1st grade and 7th grade. Last December, I wrote about applying to elementary (grade) schools for our daughter who… Continue reading Great(!) news: a very special school

Threat, or: Promise

My 1st Tawddgyrch Cadwynog Based on a true story "If you don't play, I'm gonna die!" Her end was nigh; What could I say? So? Yay or nay? My child's not shy... Should I comply? I sighed. "Okay." Some later day, she threatened me - "I'll die! You'll see!" sulked little fae. Patience did fray;… Continue reading Threat, or: Promise

Your father, or: Your faith

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. tiny happy girl you innocent joyful child your father loves you your faith fascinates me so little blooming soul believes Notes For this poem, I decided to make use of the 'Love Set' on the Magnetic Poetry website;This is only the 2nd time that I've used this… Continue reading Your father, or: Your faith