Recall, or: Withdrawal

A 'Waltz Wave' poem Image credit:Tasos Mansour (Unsplash) des- olate un- tended rocky fields of bro- ken promis- es and with- ered hopes rustle under swirl- ing vor- tex of un- familiar night skies that recall all #WDYS prompt #182 For this week's 'What Do You See' prompt, Sadje offers us the above image, created… Continue reading Recall, or: Withdrawal

Soup of clouds, or: Slip into fancies

A Shadorma soup of clouds spills shade on bushes, splatters rocks; legs slow to sweet luxurious saunter ~ slip into fancies Tanka Tuesday For Tanka Tuesday, Colleen encourages poets to pen shadormas using three to five of the words from the following list: scale fish month soup smile sticks slave property songs bushes rock disease… Continue reading Soup of clouds, or: Slip into fancies

After, or: My time

A Choka ground temperature at depths greater than ten feet stays relatively constant through the course of time please bury me deep in Earth's comfortable bosom a warm welcoming spa-like decomposition muscles loosening lying horizontally limbs and back at rest and still mine to enjoy finally Choka? The most intricate Japanese Poetry form is the… Continue reading After, or: My time