What now? Getting published?

Step 1. Write a series of blog posts about mourning your father.Step 2. Write a lot of poetry, including a year's worth of daily micropoems.Step 3. ? Publishing a book? The Skeptic's Kaddish? Many friends and family have suggested that I publish my Kaddish Journey as a book, and I do very much like the… Continue reading What now? Getting published?

Perfectionism, or: Poetry

A tricube best viewed on blog (not WP reader) I know, I know, I know, I know, I live, knowing perfection is merely illusion; still, I must write just so Tricube rules: Each line contains three syllables.Each stanza contains three lines.Each poem contains three stanzas.

Blogging without barriers

My undergraduate degree is in engineering, but, as I've written before, it was a mistake for me to pursue that path because my strengths have never been in the sciences, nor in mathematics. I should have listened to Papa at the age of eighteen when I was applying to universities; I should have pursued a… Continue reading Blogging without barriers