Leave, or: Leaves

My 1st chōka 'Leaves and yellow curb' by Glenn Buttkus brown blanket threadbare tattered shivering bodies trampled by spiders succumbing to elements blown cold against curb blue pebbles await beyond golden barrier chance crevice veiled by despair only one dares hope haltingly extends upwards feeling its way to heaven d'Verse poetics prompt: 'Exploring the realm… Continue reading Leave, or: Leaves

Poem, or: Poet

'Verse epistle' - a d'Verse prompt Oh, Poet, Dear, I feel thou there, near Crafting mine every rhyming word Wondering, dost thou write me for thyself That thou shan't expire unheard? Oh, foolish, thou of foolish thoughts Neither thine eyes nor lies canst make real Though thou wouldst forge in me eternity Thy breaths, no… Continue reading Poem, or: Poet

Still here, or: ‘Brown’

steady, solid, here I am always here always here for you here for your arms for your backside for your back to rest rest upon me now rest your weary legs rest against me; the rest are flashy, true, still true I am always true inside, always true outdoors, always true, I am dull, but… Continue reading Still here, or: ‘Brown’

Change, or: Estrange

His doubts pained her profoundly / Why wouldn't he believe in her words? Quarantined alone at home, with only her enchanting descriptions of the world outside to raise his spirts, but still he wouldn't / Instead he compelled her, insisting she repeat after him, repeat his darkest thoughts repeat sorrows and banalities / Why are… Continue reading Change, or: Estrange