Trendsetter, or: Reject

A limerick Don't read this poem- You have been warned! Its reputation's been well earned... Though the rest gave it the boot, It thinks its rhymes very cute; And, oblivious, it remains unconcerned. โ€˜What do you seeโ€™ Prompt #162 This limerick was written For Sadjeโ€™s weekly #WDYS prompt. Sadje offers us this photo (to the… Continue reading Trendsetter, or: Reject

Sternlight, or: Spotlight

A shadorma barge sternlight glows through dense night fog; dim, old dock; vain gulls pose on catwalk in the spotlight; fancy themselves grand Mist by Ton Heijnen, via 500px This poem was written in response to: The Sunday Muse #210;Sammi Coxโ€™s Weekend Writing Prompt #259 Shadorma? six-line stanzas (or sestets);each stanza has a syllable count… Continue reading Sternlight, or: Spotlight

Blessing, or: Curse

A poem in blank verse The vociferous clamoring follows me, as I descend into the tunnels, fading slightly as I slosh through the wet, gurgling flow of words. Cringing, I recall the mob's chanting: "Charlatan! Imposter!" Pipes clink and quiver, releasing tonal rhythms of steam around me, drowning out the distant blabber. Here, deep within… Continue reading Blessing, or: Curse

Slushy, or: Brain freeze

An elfchen Anxiety Slurps brains Loudly through straw Rapacious, obnoxious, unwanted guest Elfchen Elfchen Row Words Content 1 1 A thought, an object, a color, a smell or the like 2 2 What does the word from the first row do? 3 3 Where or how is the word of row 1? 4 4 What… Continue reading Slushy, or: Brain freeze