To cajole the Voice

Despite her parents' avowed philosophical positivism, their profound conviction that only the observable was real, Melanie had eventually come to accept that her own, entirely different convictions were no less absolute. At times, she had to cajole the Voice to whisper through her dreams; at other times she found herself swept away in a veritable… Continue reading To cajole the Voice

The Myth of Sisyphus, or: What does it all mean?

A Gogyohka end my life adopt a belief system fabricate personal meaning face the absurdity with defiance let amused fascination light the dark Gogyōka? Five lines, but exceptionally may have four or six; Each line consists of one phrase with a line-break after each phrase or breath; No restraint on numbers of words or syllables;… Continue reading The Myth of Sisyphus, or: What does it all mean?

To see, or: Not to see

Poetry Partners #155 A poem by 3L of 'Wandering Prophesy' To be, and not to be; There is no question. To see, or not to see; There is the illusion. Wandering Prophesy: A poem by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ I'd thought I told myself I was but 'twas merely an illusion Deep… Continue reading To see, or: Not to see

Daydream, or: The here and now

Poetry Partners #75 'Daydream', a poem by Puvanesvari Rajan of 'Opinions, Bijou and Poems' A dream… Or am I? Lucid to the touch, and true to the feel…. Do I dwell in mindplay? Or am I the projection of one? Perhaps a lost neural connection left floating in a mass of empty grey matter… Perhaps… Continue reading Daydream, or: The here and now