Demeter, or: Vivaldi

Poetry Partners #50 'A Season of Trees,' a haiku sequence by Colleen M. Chesebro trees—skeleton bare ebony sky silhouettes winter’s artistry a lace of green leaves discover a sparrow’s nest baby mouths agape silk-soft leaves of green touch the cerulean sky summer melodies autumn leaves foretell mystical secrets revealed— only death brings truth Colleen M.… Continue reading Demeter, or: Vivaldi

Wither, or: Whither?

An Alouette You might nurture this, Though some would dismiss It: "Unworthy, consuming Sustenance needed By sundry seeded..." That are already blooming. Come, please water it, Give it just a bit Of attention and support. Should this come to wilt, Imagine the guilt... The dry, withered words of dirt. The Alouette This form was created… Continue reading Wither, or: Whither?