Theology, or: Perspective

My 2nd Clogyrnach A narrative poem My God's far beyond my beyond But to his presence I respond Oft He shows His love Light streams from above My beloved I'm so fond He drops flakes of manna for me Showering generosity Towards them I swim Towards the Great Rim My tears brim So meekly He… Continue reading Theology, or: Perspective

This heart, or: This mind

My 1st puente In the form of two envelope quintets This heart has no other blood known than flowed through all past generations linked one-by-one through space and time by ancient Hebrew conversations echoing through flesh and bone ~ ever more so as I've grown ~ This mind has grasped that nothing's known though men… Continue reading This heart, or: This mind

Flood, or: Brown death

My 1st lushi Reinterpreting 'Flood' by T'ao Chien Brown clouded sky, broiling, broiling. Hot gusting sands, hurling, hurling. Khamsin consuming in all directions. Parching dust storm, whirling, whirling. Raising waterskin to broken lips. Death's eastern wind, unfurl, unfurling. Desolately-I recall kind warnings. Ignored their advice-sterling, sterling. Flood by T'ao Chien The lingering clouds, rolling, rolling,… Continue reading Flood, or: Brown death

You’re not my sunshine, or: You’re just a raincloud

The other night, jerk, as I stood thinking, I knew you could not be my better half; And as I fell asleep, I felt sure I was right; I dreamed of freedom from you as I laughed You’re just a raincloud, one ugly raincloud; Your snivels upset when skies are blue; You'll always feel, jerk,… Continue reading You’re not my sunshine, or: You’re just a raincloud

Clean, or: Dirty

A clean limerick She goes through loads of laundry every night, Stuffing beckoning front loader tight, Presoaking downy delicates fine, And of soft dryer fuzz not a sign! Oh, her fluffing & folding fast delight! d'Verse Poetics: Put your Words on Spin Cycle For this d'Verse poetry prompt, we were instructed to write laundry poems. This… Continue reading Clean, or: Dirty

Gerard, or: Me

My first ekphrastic poem Inspired by Gerard Richter's 'Abstract iii' My fingers brush across the keys Clickety clack, clickety clack Symbols appear upon the screen Clackety click, clickety I've nothing else but what I mean Clackety Through The middle What changes most is color scheme Two in one, two in one Black cloud travels to… Continue reading Gerard, or: Me

What you do, or: Don’t do

‘The Art of Being Human’ a d’Verse poetics prompt EPIGRAPH: What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals.… Continue reading What you do, or: Don’t do

Jagged, or: Tender

'Edges and Fringes' – a d’Verse poetics prompt (best viewed on a horizontal screen) Papa, can you visit us from the unknowable beyond to hearten us, for we miss you so and grief’s jagged edges cut us even as the edges of mortal life are clear to us remaining, as we do, on this side… Continue reading Jagged, or: Tender