War, or: Peace

A 'puente' poem arose anxiously expecting to share her news flushed and anxious for ~Tonight, Tonight~ can't come soon enough expectations arouse him civilian life W3 poetry prompt This week's W3 poetry prompt, hosted by Tanmay Philip, is to: Write a โ€œPuenteโ€ poem; The middle stanza should contain the title of a song; You can add more… Continue reading War, or: Peace

Abused friend returns to husband

A textbook case of domestic abuse The friend I wrote about several days ago that has been psychologically, sexually, and physically abused by her husband has returned to him after fleeing from their home. I don't know the details, but I do know that she has spoken to him by phone; and he's agreed to… Continue reading Abused friend returns to husband

Other, or: Mine

Poetry Partners #41 'other, or: touch', a series of senryu by Freddie Omm of 'freddie omm' in another space another time where it is possible to touch the untouchable bliss of truly connecting others with ourselves the disturbances that mix us all up such times then do not disturb I lie with you now breathless… Continue reading Other, or: Mine